Never in the City By Marie Chu

Can you hear the cars rushing the horns honking in Mammoth Lakes No you can't but there is the stream rushing the geese honking under the bright sunlight As well as the field crickets chirping and horned owls hooting under nature's blanket of stars Thanks for reading. See author bio below and please leave some [...]


Voicemail by Christina Cruz

I didn’t mean to miss your call. Last night the ringing of my phone on the nightstand echoed against the walls like thunder. And my hand shot through the covers so fast that I knocked it off the table. I had no idea it was an emergency. But, now that I’m well rested, is there [...]

(Sample) PROMOTIONAL AUDIO POEM…for upcoming Supernatural/Horror Novella: “Evil has a First Name©” by Deno Sandz™

I sit in the Dark, Searching for the Light I twirled the Moon, When the Sun was not Bright Foreordained of Sinistry , Adhering to the Beginning of History For I Dream of Dreams unknown to Man, I wait by the Wayside, under no Command The Spirit of Who shall not be Seen, For my [...]

Divine Breath by Melissa Rodgers

Thanks for reading. See author bio below and please leave some feedback for the author in the comments. Other activities: How to submit Facebook Page Melissa Rodgers is a poet from Chatham, IL. She is a married mother of 2. As a strongly devout pagan, Melissa takes much of her inspiration for her poetry from [...]

4 Haikus by Sashank Vempati

An Art Haiku On the grass outside A blank canvas wanted wear By a vivid tale A Holiday Haiku I get down the plane A completely different world Is waiting for me An Art Haiku Blank canvas and brush So many colors to choose Maybe just try all A Pet Haiku Going for a walk [...]

INFANTICIDE by Nenad Trajković

This poem was translated by: Danijela Trajković On the grave near the old village road Letters did not exist People said it was a small Gypsy tomb In which all the Gypsies from the missing mahala were placed So one night when the super full moon has shown itself the villagers saw The headless woman [...]

I Don’t Want To Be Selfish But I Am by Saranya Subramanian

  I watch you as you drown my hands are tied behind me – not by society, but by society’s inability to teach me how to build a raft. All that my eyes can do is build a bridge by looking into yours but it’s not concrete, it’s not enough. I’m taught to say “fuck [...]