Who’s to Know by Zachariah Garcia

She stunts an she parties... Why... Is it cause she's got nothing... Nah... Emotionally scared an Love driven... Since small such thing have never been proven... Excuses an lies to cover the Tears of what she's really doing, the pain inside Bruises her mind an lovely Eyes from acknowledging an seeing her true potential... Or [...]


Reality by Zachariah Garcia

With the swiftest I uplift this, you can't remix this, my pens gifted, on paper my lyrics don't get twisted, man's atrocities over the ages, time have lifted, fought with war power hungry want more, well hit the floor, the embodiment of what revolution stands for, When I step in the truth spews out in [...]

Gracious Grasslands by Ndaba Sibanda

uncluttering and packing the journey yawning at him was devoid of disguise and deception of any size soon he would no longer be listening intently to the music from his favorite radio station or his external hard drive because the flight was waiting for him it was set to swallow him up into the sky [...]

Spring Blossom by Smit Patel

Grass is growing tall New life is awakening Time is moving fast   Thanks for reading. See author bio below and please leave some feedback for the author in the comments. Other activities: How to submit Facebook Page Twitter Smit Patel loves to learn about other cultures and eat food. One culture he has shown [...]

HEART OUT by Opal Ingram

We have a way of being together Heart out We touch the edge of the sky Beneath the Sun Heart out. Beauty Is held By all Heart out With ordinary beats With quiet gifts That touches the Soul In a quiet way In a loud World. Written by Opal Ingram Thanks for reading. See author [...]

POLITICAL MONSTERS by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

They are the gangsters In many disciplines Cooking the youngsters To poison their wines. They are the tricksters Misguiding the populace To feed the pranksters At their own pace. They are the masters Playing every card To suit their plasters And make it hard. They are the ill wind Blowing left, right, front and back [...]

Soft Touches by Annie Lin

I did not ask but I took your sweater The rich cashmere flowed into soft ruffles like an ocean's tide It's kept me warm enveloping me in soft touches and the subtle clinking of its buttons and jewels Forgive me for going into your closet I was only there to feel such a fine fabric [...]