Phantoms by Sunil Sharma



In the Aguda Fort,

Massive and moss-covered


Wind- kissed,

I see ghosts from the year 1612

Hovering over the light house and outer walls




Shades from a history repeated across many subject countries.

I see drowned Portuguese




In the sea waters surrounding the ruins of the once-glorious structure

Power centre, unvanquished.

Ignorant of the specters

Tourists walk these imperial spaces

Chattering and clicking

The famous Goa wonder,

The “natives, the dirty browns” stomping these grounds

Once forbidden to them,

Recovering in their touristy ways

Foreign narratives and voices of the subjugated

From the lost centuries, and

Rewriting the conquest from a post-colonial angle.


Mumbai-based, Sunil Sharma writes prose and poetry, apart from doing literary journalism and freelancing. A senior academic, he has been published in some of the leading international journals and anthologies. Sunil has got three collections of poetry, one collection of short fiction, one novel and co-edited five books of poetry, short fiction and literary criticism.

Recipient of the UK-based Destiny Poets’ inaugural Poet of the Year award—2012.

Another notable achievement is his select poems were published in the prestigious UN project: Happiness: The Delight-Tree-2015.


He edits English section of the monthly Setu, a bilingual journal from Pittsburgh, USA:


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