ON THE WIRE by Nenad Trajković

This poem was Translated by Danijela Trajković

In a village my father comes from
the toilets were outside
their paper on a rusty wire
when I first entered them
I found Emily Bronte
whom my grandfather had tried to hang there
it was unpleasant
to be there with a lady
so I took her out in my arms
in the morning
I was shown a suitcase full
of convicted writers
ready for hanging
and these were the first people
I ever freed

(first published in Poem, UK, 2015)

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Nenad Trajkovic (Pirot, Serbia, 1982) is a Serbian poet, essayist, literary critic and traslator. He graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Kragujevac, Serbia.

He has published three collections of poetry, Traces (2008), I’m Taking You to the Museum (2011), and Wind From The Tongue  (2016, for which he got The Rade Tomic Prize).

His works has been published widely in literary magazines and national newspapers in Serbia and abroad. Translated into English, German, French, Polish, Macedonian, Slovakian, Russian and Bulgarian.

He has translated and edited collection of poetry The Hero Of The Forgotten Class by Zvonko Taneski, from Macedonian into Serbian.

In 2013 he received the award given by the Bulgarian publisher Melnik. In 2015 he received the award Rade Tomic for the best poetry manuscript in Serbia.

He is a founder and editor of an international literary manifestation Pisanija.

He lives and works in Vranje, Southern Serbia.


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