Winter Crocus, Somewhere by Linda J. Wolff

Somewhere, a crocus. Below snow, girls lavender
As fragrance play the masses & Rodblox’s,

Roleplay some imaginary persona & remain there. Girls
Become new blossoms; innocent white emerges, beg archaic

-white petal to fall, at least vulnerable, at least
Pluck a girl or two. Don’t get me started.

Predators are what they are. They know what they do.
Wicked man. Wicked soul. Wicked day to be a

Man tint of Winter gone wrong. But here, not heaven
nor hell, girls won’t recollect their dresses

Stained a sanguine. Here, there is no moderation for
Chat feature or restriction of age limits, no hue to name white.

If snow blankets, it’d be sanguine. Please, don’t call
us naïve, call us animated somewhere a fantasy.

We say our names when to we recite.
We go out for Baskins & Robbin’s ice cream & come home.

And this is what we know; come afternoon
After school/snack/game, we scrape

A new girl from under dead leaves, take
Her from earth’s crust, remove worms

From her mouth. Sometimes they’ll write
A celebratory eulogy ( What a blessed poem!)

Sometimes it’s the petals which lead to searching for
the serial fleshed men in disguise.

Does it matter how they find themselves there? Grab you
Daughter, twirl her around.

If she asks you for a hug, hug her.
If she asks where time is, say right here, right now.

Paradise is a garden where everything
Is a fantasy & no harm comes to light?

Here, if it grows it knows its roots
In Earth. Yesterday, a crocus

Shared with me of old garden
Laden with bulbs I’d call auntie

Erupting white fragrance & emitting energy,
Bouquet of soaring doves.

After I blossom from its blanket
It supports me in a vase.

Do you know how it feels to be in
Someplace where you know you belong?

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Linda J. Wolff ( is an American poet from the Pacific Northwest, Washington State, founder & editor of Wolff Poetry – Go-To Literary Journal. Linda J. Wolff’s latest eBook, Urban Pen: Time Pieces is available on Amazon. Her poem has appeared or forthcoming “Poetic Song” in (Daily Haiga), “A Unique World” in (Down in the Dirt Magazine).

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