Poetry Book Alert! Urban Pen by Linda J. Wolff

Linda J. Wolff (WolffPoetry.com) is an American poet from the Pacific Northwest, Washington State, founder & editor of Wolff Poetry – Go-To Literary Journal. Linda J. Wolff’s latest eBook, Urban Pen: Time Pieces is available on Amazon. Her poem has appeared or forthcoming “Poetic Song” in (Daily Haiga), “A Unique World” in (Down in the Dirt Magazine).  

In, Urban Pen Poetry Series, you will find the poetic writings of Linda J. Wolff. She offers an extensive selection of urban acrostic, cinquain, free verse, haiku, tanka, and much more inspiring pieces to enlighten the mind, body, and soul.

Each piece she brings enlightenment through words, such as the one below:
“I find I need to seek out solace. Especially, when the day is crazy! Crazy in the sense that there’s no stopping, no breaks. As a single mom, life tends to work itself that way. A constant mirage of places to be, people to see. Not that I don’t mind it. But when I find that place that brings me to a peaceful solace I take it in and absorb it. Do you? Do you take the time to step out of reality?”

Linda J. Wolff’s poetry is beautiful- soothing, meditative, and deep. She will take you deep into a forest, paint you an abstract picture with words.

Thanks for reading. Please leave some feedback for the author in the comments.

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