ALBATROSS by Mike Blaylock

Emotions, they will not die!
Chains, I can’t break if I try!
I give love and you only take.
Spiderwebs you weave and make,

My heart is just an albatross,
you’ve got nailed to the cross.

Everyday, I want it all to end.
Our love is a one sided trend.
My mind it surges into a blend.
Bodies climax, the urges mend.

My heart is just an albatross,
you’ve got nailed to the cross.

When will I have the nerve to end?
I’m your patsy, your sex friend.
I’m bound to you, stuck in your fen,
waiting for our final lovers pend.

My heart is just an albatross,
you’ve got nailed to the cross.

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About the Poet
I’m a 64 year old Retired Deplorable Codger working with a Renaissance man mentality who is a Warrior, a Survivor, and a Hillbilly Philosopher… who lives in the Yankee land of Cincinnati, Ohio..My life’s philosophy is based on a Native American elder… teaching his Popeye empathy life style (I yam what I yam)..folks!.It is what it is.. just putting it out there to help others.I have PTSD but it still been a privilege to have been married to my loving wife Debi for forty years and to have served in the Armed Forces (4 branches) for over twenty years and retired in June of 1999. …and recently from my civilian life as well. So I know about long term commitments….I’m in it for the long haul. Writing… to me… has always been a release hobby that I enjoy tremendously….it started back in my High School days…so that’s some forty nine years now. I try to constantly improve so I take criticism as a learning experience. My favorite is poetry….but I do editorials, lyrics….and on rare occasions short stories as lessons I’ve learned. I have had poetry, lyrics, and editorials published. My life has been one hell of a coaster ride…that I wouldn’t change for anything…but I wouldn’t wish it on anybody… nor would I want to go through it all over again.

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