Death, My Immortality by C.L. Williams

I will be remembered long after I’m gone
You’ll speak of me after I release my swan song
I want to be known after I embark on my exodus
And you will talk of me long after I turn to dust
I will leave a body of work no one will forget
It’ll be as if I’m still here though I’ve already left
Today I may be human, tomorrow I am a legend
You’ll never meet me but you’ll know my complexion
I’ll become the standard for which you will measure
Because my death will be the reason I live forever
And you will know this once my exodus is made
Because you will forever remember my name


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About the Poet
C.L. Williams is an international bestselling author currently living in central Virginia. He has written eight poetry books, four novellas, one novel, and a contributor to a multitude of anthologies. His most recent poetry book, The Paradox Complex, features the poems “Flawed Masterpiece” that has been featured in international magazines and “Sad Crying Clown” that was turned into a short film by Matthew Mark Hunter of MMH Productions. When not writing, C.L. Williams enjoys reading and sharing the works of other independent authors.

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